SOLOMON. Wait a minute. Are you writing that down? Why are you writing that down?

SCRIBE. O greatest of kings, live forever: thou hast commanded that thy proverbs be compiled in a book.

SOLOMON. But that wasn’t a proverb. It was just a thing I said.

SCRIBE. O son of David, live forever: as honey drips from the comb, so drip the words of wisdom from thy lips.

SOLOMON. But all I said was “A faithful witness will not lie, but a false witness will utter lies.” I mean it’s just obvious. It’s what “false witness” means.

SCRIBE. O holy Anointed One of God, live forever: by thy brilliant light, thou makest the dark and obscure to seem plain as day.

SOLOMON. But, for Pete’s sake, do they all have to go into the book? Can’t you edit it down a bit?

SCRIBE. O mighty ruler of all from the River to the Great Sea, live forever: not a drop of thy wisdom shall perish from the record.

SOLOMON. Why do you have to be such a stubborn old coot? Whoever provokes a king to anger sins against his own soul, you know. —Wait a minute! Are you writing that down? Why are you writing that down?

Social media for a socialist paradise.
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