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With thanks to our alert Russian correspondent who left this comment, very appropriately, on our article “Yet More Surrealism from Type Specimens.”

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Day after day, year after year, our most popular feature is the Free Blank Sheet of Paper we provided more than four and a half years ago. It has always fascinated Dr. Boli to see that most of the traffic to that page seems to come from search engines, suggesting that there are people all over the Internet looking for exactly what that article has to offer. The comments on that page, however, suggested that some visitors went away disappointed.

Dr. Boli will be perfectly frank with his readers: he was not actually intending to meet a real need with that article. Every once in a great while, Dr. Boli feels compelled to vary the usual serious tone of his Magazine with a little frivolity: a joke, if you will. The number of people searching for a printable blank sheet of paper has therefore always puzzled him a bit.

Just yesterday, however, a comment was left on that article that provided a good and legitimate reason why one might want a printable blank sheet of paper, and Dr. Boli will admit that the reason had not occurred to him. In response to this comment from “Kdon,”—

U people are so dumb- If you can print this sheet, you have blank paper because it is in your printer.


—a reader named “iggy” replied yesterday (expressing himself in the English of the Future),

not if your in school and your not allowed to open the printer like me

So Dr. Boli has met a legitimate need, and he is very happy to see that his hard work in producing a blank letter-size PDF was not in vain. To the Internet at large: You’re welcome.