U is for the Unicorn,
Who lived in mythic fantasies of old.
            This beast was born
            With just a single horn,
A total count of one, all told.
Alas, the Unicorn’s no more:
To moderns, who learn science in the crib,
            The myths of yore
            Are nothing but a bore;
The Unicorn is just a fib.


V for the Vicuña,
Who knows the Llama well,
And imitates his attributes,
But lacks his double L.


W is for the Wombat,
Currently in mortal combat
(Silliest thing I’ve ever seen)
With a portly Wolverine.
If you care to take a look,
The cause, you’ll find, is in this book.
What brought on this great to-do
Was, Who shall stand for W?