Dr. Boli’s Practical Manual of Lithiculture. For everyone who keeps a rock garden, or who has ever dreamed of keeping a rock garden, this book is a positively indispensable tool. Beginning (in his usual fashion) with fundamental principles, Dr. Boli introduces his readers to the elements of geology according to the Huttonian theory. Upon that foundation he builds a thorough discussion of the different types of native stone and soil found in different parts of the country, and from there proceeds to a catalogue of the most commonly cultivated rocks. Succeeding chapters cover in detail the selection of particular rocks for particular soils, planting and care of various rock species, propagation of rocks from gravel, and various schemes (with plans and diagrams) for naturalizing rocks in large plots. Illustrated with numerous copper engravings (hand-colored in the Deluxe Edition). 8vo, 238 pp.