SOMEWHERE A POET scratches out a line.

Somewhere a teacher says Take up your pencils.

Somewhere a secretary says Ow my wrist hurts.

Somewhere a clerk says Welcome to Burger King how may I help you.

Somewhere a chicken waits to cross the road because he says I must see what is on the other side,

Stands on the brink on the brim on the cusp on the edge on the side on the border.

Praise the poet for speaking with the voice of the people.

Praise the poet for writing a poem that speaks as the people speak.

Praise the people for speaking in the words of poets.

Praise the people for standing still politely.

Praise the poem for avoiding rhyme and rhythm.

Praise the poem for being written in prose.

We shall have no poetry here.


  1. Lars Walker says:

    You have crystallized the dreams and aspirations of a nation.

  2. Alana Ronald says:

    Yes I CAN
    Yes we Can
    Yes we do
    Yes we see
    Yes I’m me
    Yes vitamin C
    Poet Fo’ it
    Speaks what we
    Aim to be
    NO NO NO
    There’s too much snow
    Global warming
    Start informing
    How we must
    Start to trust
    A president
    who talks some sense
    Are you thrilled?
    Or just chilled?
    Better stop now

  3. Maria says:

    Sad to say, I followed this better a lot better than that poet. I’m sorry, but she ain’t no Maya Angelou.

  4. Ken says:

    Underperforming Maya Angelou is no mean feat, but this “poet” seems to have accomplished it.

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