1. Lars Walker says:

    I scheduled lessons with Miss Rosemarie, but she never remembered.

  2. Juniper Blythe Searson-Congwell says:

    I also scheduled lessons with Miss Rosemarie but had to cancel when I found out the swimsuit cost $775.00.

    • Juniper Blythe Searson-Congwell says:

      Ehh, I mean Ms. Ophelia. After looking at the price tag, I developed a case of the vapours.

  3. Chris says:

    Er, you’ve got some spellchecker on your poster there.

    • drboli says:

      Dr. Boli has informed his advertiser, but his advertiser is a bit of a layabout and refuses to submit a new version. He tells some story about having upgraded to Draw version 3.0, which introduced a pernicious defect in the “Export” feature, and about preferring to leave the advertisement in its current state as a warning to other users of the software. Dr. Boli believes he is just lazy.

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