THIS EDITION OF Jots & Tittles, the parish newsletter of St. Aquila Evangelical Lutheran Church, is sponsored by Seventh Presbyterian Church on Bland Street. If you’re bored being a Lutheran, why not try Presbyterianism for a while? Full communion means no messy paperwork!

Pastor’s message.

Dear friends in Christ,

The first autumn leaves always remind me of stewardship. I hope they remind you of stewardship as well. Please take time to contemplate the beautiful autumn leaves and think of stewardship, and that way I won’t have to preach a sermon on it. You know, I went to the Foodland yesterday, and as I stood in the line to check out, I noticed a mother in front of me with a small child. What a beautiful thing motherhood is! I just wanted to say that. Pastoral greetings to everyone who read the passage from Colossians I mentioned in last week’s Jots & Tittles. This week I want you to read Colossians 15:1-4. I don’t have my Bible with me right now, so if Colossians doesn’t go all the way up to chapter 15, read something from Galatians instead.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Herb

Member News.

Angela Merkel received a very polite response to her letter to the Chancellor of Germany, congratulating her on having the same name and encouraging her to stay in school. Congratulations, Angie!

Bob Johnson has been promoted to Shift Supervisor in the Department of Public Works. He asked us to let everyone know that, if anyone in the congregation needs any driveway gravel, it can be arranged.


Evangelism Committee will meet Monday at 7 p.m. We will be discussing how to appeal to the Mexican immigrants in the community. We will be drawing straws to see who has to go into the tienda on Bland Street.

Finance Committee will meet Friday at 6:54. Mrs. Ott has calculated that we need six extra minutes this week to deal with the gas bill.


Mrs. Polder is looking for volunteers to help her clean up the Sunday School rooms. Rally Day took a heavy toll from which we are still struggling to recover.