IF YOU MEET an Opus Dei member, ask him these probing questions about this secret pagan cabalistic fascist masonic atheist allopathic pantheist rabelaisian communist society:

1. Is it merely coincidence that the letters in “Opus Dei” can be rearranged to spell “DIE SOUP”?

2. Why does Opus Dei maintain a public Web site at an easily remembered address? What are they hiding?

3. Was Josemaria Escriva’s name originally spelled “Sir Mortimer Wallaby-Plankfodder”?

4. Was it members of Opus Dei who proposed Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Moe Howard for canonization?

5. If Opus Dei is not a secret society, how come there are so many books and articles about it?

6. Are Opus Dei supernumeraries actually alien zombie warriors ready to be activated by the secret word “meringue”?

7. Did Josemaria Escriva know calculus? Huh? Did he?

8. Why do Opus Dei members look like ordinary Homo sapiens sapiens? Is it so that we won’t suspect?

9. Did Josemaria Escriva paint Da Vinci’s Last Supper?

10. Why has no official Opus Dei publication ever listed H. Rider Haggard as a member of the organization?

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