NOVEMBER 18 IS Linen Awareness Day at the St. Wilbert Specialty Hospital for Iatrogenic Diseases. Come meet Tommy Topsheet and Brünnhilde Blanket in person! Stay for our 3:00 presentation, “Changing Beds, Changing Lives,” in the Whortle Auditorium. And don’t forget to enter to win a week’s supply of clean pillowcases for your entire ward!


  1. Dr. Bjorn Bjornsen says:

    What’s all this I hear about Women Awareness Day? I’m already WAY too aware of women meddling in my affairs. And nowadays, even my favorite football players are wearing PINK shoes, not to mention giving them separate public restrooms.

    Ehhhhh, that’s Linen Awareness Day, Dr. Bjornsen.

    Ohhhhh, that’s very different.

    Never mind.

  2. Sleep. Linen. Sleep in Linen.

    Odin would be pleased.

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