Dr. Boli has always relied on the National Weather Service for his weather, and for the most part has been satisfied with the results. But he admits that he seldom probes the inner recesses of the National Weather Service site, which is his excuse for not having noticed before that there is a page called “NWS Playtime for Kids.” Wondering what weather games young people these days played, Dr. Boli decided to click on that link (which you, dear readers, really ought to do as well, because it is the only way to enjoy the full effect of the animated icons).


Hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms/lightning, floods, and other fun stuff!

Kids, this Web site isn’t just ordinary fun. This is a Web site that makes you a god.

Under the circumstances, we can probably be grateful that the page has not been updated since Washington’s birthday in 2006. If children were let loose with today’s weather technology, there would hardly be a trailer park or barrier-island resort left standing in the United States.