The Marquis d’Estomac fell out of favor quite suddenly when he appeared wearing sixty-three buttons on his waistcoat at the same ball where King Louis XIV’s waistcoat had sixty-one buttons.

The ghost of Anne Boleyn once appeared headless at the Constable’s Charity Ball in the Tower of London, providing the tabloids with weeks of scandal-fodder.

Miss Diana Smoulder, the ravishing heartthrob of the hurdy-gurdy, once played an entire concert at Carnegie Hall (Homestead) in her Carnegie Hall (Braddock) gown.

Two days before Labor Day, Miss Ernestine Pinoak died of ennui in the woods behind the Metro Mart in Beaver Falls. When the body was discovered a week later, she was still wearing white shoes.

The notoriously casual Duc de Nîmes once received King Louis Philippe in a pair of cutoff shorts and a T-shirt that said “Ask Me About My Grandchildren.”