During the middle nineteenth century, millions of women in North America and northern Europe spontaneously developed an inexplicable deformity that widened their hips by as much as 600%.

According to reports from staff and visitors, a shadowy figure appears in the Thaw mansion in Allegheny West every Tuesday night at 9:43 and demands to see the Sun-Telly. The Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph has not been published since 1960.

Consolidating data from multiple political blogs leads to the inescapable conclusion that President Obama is a Nazi, a communist, a socialist, an Islamofascist, a liberal, and a corporate stooge simultaneously. Political science provides no explanation for this feat, and experts are turning to the occult for answers.

Zoologists now believe that it is impossible to explain certain behaviors of the North American grey squirrel without the assumption that the animal understands trigonometry.

A cow belonging to Mr. Zibeon Cramm of Ligonier gives pure almond milk, though she is fed a diet of nothing but soy and rice.