How Hard Is Your Head


  1. Joseph Moore says:

    Does the Allegheny School of Denial not also offer a degree in Education? Certainly, in the business world simple prudence dictates that one should take steps to prevent some callow underling from slipping the occasional new idea past management. The applicability to Business of the offered training can not be doubted.

    In Education, however, would there not be even greater demand? New ideas are so efficiently hunted down and killed in the schools that we never even hear of them. One would suspect that training equal to that needed in business would be required for such robust efficiency. Or is that potential market already saturated by the offerings available in the existing Schools of Education?

    Most new ideas are bad, after all. That the occasional good ideas, if any, may have to die for the sake of efficiency is just one of those things.

    The evidence suggests that should

  2. Surely this sort of training is of more use in the Political sphere than in business? A degree in Political Science is undoubtedly also on offer at this fine institution.

  3. RepubAnon says:

    As the battle cry of the Pictsies goes in Terry Prachett’s “The Wee Free Men”: How would you like a face full of heid?

    I’m sure they are instructors at this school…

  4. Joseph is correct that Education needs this desperately, not because new ideas are killed but because they are not. Fads drive the field to and fro as they experiment on new generations of children, never satisfactorily. I suspect this is partly because the education theorists aren’t really sure what they are trying to accomplish.

    • Joseph Moore says:

      Ah, but James, you have missed the subtle brilliance of the academic Education mind: there are really only a few bad ideas in education – the Blank Slate, Self-Esteem, Gradgrindian Practicality and a few others – and none of them are new. The fully trained Master of Education can take one or more of these old bad ideas and, by renaming or combining them, create an infinite stream of repackaged bad old ideas to be presented as new ideas.

      Repackaging old ideas and selling them as new ideas is itself an old idea.

  5. An impenetrable wall against new ideas is an idea I’ve never before encountered, so I definitely need to thicken my skull to the extent that I’ll be unable to get this idea through my head before I understand it any better!

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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