You may tell Dr. Boli that you have no wish to see this movie, but Dr. Boli will know you are lying. Since a reader asked, here is the original source of this cartoon. The picture advertised here was released in 1913, and Dr. Boli is not aware of any surviving prints; but he would be happy if someone could find one. The plot, incidentally, was taken from a novel by Gaston Leroux, author of The Phantom of the Opera. There was an English translation published in 1913—the same year this movie came out, since production cycles were very short in those days—but Dr. Boli has been unable to find it. If you read French, however, you can find the original on Google Books (click on the image below). —UPDATE: A regular reader went to Australia to fetch us back a copy of the English translation (see the comment below).

Balaoo par Gaston Leroux