Dear Dr. Boli: Google has changed its brand identity. How will I continue to live? —Sincerely, Despondent.

Dear Sir or Madam: You could always use Bing.

Ha ha ha! But seriously, you’ll get used to the new look. Google changes its logo once every couple of years or so. But while it is true that each of the logos has been ugly in a slightly different way, they do all have a certain aesthetic in common. That is to say, they all look like something designed by a five-year-old who has just discovered that you can highlight the individual letters in a word and make each one a different color. The current generation of five-year-old has also discovered how to make different pieces of the same letter different colors, and you can see the obvious appeal of that discovery to the five-year-old demographic. So you will very quickly become comfortable with the new “identity family.”

And if not, there’s DuckDuckGo.


  1. Sean says:

    DDG is very useful in that you can simply put “!g” (also “!i” for images, “!m” for maps, “!v” for videos, and “!w” for Wikipedia, among others) at the end of your search in order to anonymously get results from what is still the world’s only usAeful search engine.

  2. Maypo says:

    I have been a DuckDuckGo user for a number of years now. I don’t need to give my data to Google at every opportunity, only when they force me to.

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