Gone and Antigone


  1. Educheapessay says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing as I read this article. It was a great refresher on how I can improve my own waste reduction practices, but it also made me realize the importance of getting the information out there. I agree that there are New Yorkers who want to make a difference, but don”t know how to and simply presenting them with this kind of information may be exactly what we need to drive change. Providing easy access to this type of knowledge that doesn”t necessarily need to be sought out (whether it is a television commercial, a subway advertisement, or a poster in a community center) has the serious potential to reduce waste caused by ignorance and/or indifference. Also, a publicized app would be great!

    • Dr. Boli says:

      NOTE: Dr. Boli has redacted links in this comment, as he thought the links might distract from the intelligent discussion. For other readers, the question of what exact same thing our commenter was thinking may be worth pondering.

  2. Joseph Moore says:

    Perhaps the MGTP can team up with the Duck Hollow University Department of Modern Dance to produce the seminal ballet “Chores and Terpsichores” which combines the earliest known reference to the Cinderella story with heavily choreographed house cleaning.

    At least, that’s what I thought I heard.

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