Blando Missing

Witnesses say recitation artist kidnapped by “little men.”

Police seek information

Blando last seen headed down rushy glen in Schenley Park.

PITTSBURGH (Special to the Dispatch).—The Great Blando, whose acrobatic recitations have thrilled dozens at Hep-tagon Gardens and Memorial Hall, was spirited away from the stage by un-known abductors in green jackets and red caps during a performance of the poetry of William Allingham accom-panied by a stick of Adams Clove chewing gum.
“It was his best performance yet,” said one audience member who asked to remain


  1. Belfry Bat says:

    You know, everyone talks about tenterhooks, but this one is almost as comfortable as that Chesterfield we found by the side of the road last summer…

  2. RepubAnon says:

    The Ransom of Blando – summary: this amusing short story tells of the increasingly desperate efforts of the fairies to give Blando back…

  3. von Hindenburg says:

    Has anyone checked up the airy mountain?

    And have their been reports of thorn trees planted for pleasure here and there?

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