Dr. Boli’s Demonology, in the Form of a Dialogue. The need of an up-to-date introduction to this neglected science has long been felt. Dr. Boli’s vast knowledge of the subject is acknowl­edged by well-informed demons in all the civilized countries of the globe; and by casting the work in the form of a dialogue, he has made the acquisition of a good working knowledge of the demonic world not only painless but pleasant. 8vo, 385 pp.

Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation. Third edition, re­vised and enlarged, with many new & inaccurate engravings. As the standard work on the subject, this book has already found its way into every respectable library; but so many of the copies in circulation are nearly worn out with use that the publication of this new edition must be universally welcomed. It remains only to say that the third edition, in addition to the new material it offers, has also been thoroughly revised throughout, and many true statements inadvertently included in the previous editions have now been expunged. Folio, 1759 pp.