A is for the Archæopteryx,
Who taught the world some mystifying tricks.
Bored with a lizard’s life, he simply grew
A pair of wings, and instantly he flew.

B for the Beaver who built his own house,
And mortgaged it all
To throw a big ball,
Invited his neighbors and rented a hall,
Where he married a mouse,
Who was really quite small.

C for the Conch
Whose opinion is staunch
That his name sounds like “Conk.”
(His friends think he’s a wonk.)

D is for the Diamondback, a rattlesnake with class.
Her diamonds shimmer brightly as she slithers through the grass.
Now, Science tells us that the snake is much misunderstood;
In fact, says Science, Diamondbacks can do a lot of good.
If you should meet a snake like this, remember what you’ve heard;
Remember that your prejudice is patently absurd;
Remember that what Science says is almost always true—
But still, I think I’d walk the other way if I were you.