E for the Eel
Whose nerves are of steel:
He sleeps a sound, unperturbed sleep every night.
You’d sleep that way, too,
If, like the Eel, you
Had a 52,000,000-volt zap in your bite.


F is for the wily, scheming fox,
Whose wiliness is hard to overstate:
He bought a load of undervalued stocks
And sold them at a much inflated rate.


The G is for the Gibbon, ape of Ind,
Who sat beneath a creeping Ficus vine
(That climbed upon a spreading tamarind)
And wrote a history of Rome’s decline.
His work went well; his prose was rich and fine;
He wrote from spring through summer into fall.
He scribbled feveredly; meanwhile, the vine
Grew into an impenetrable wall.
The Gibbon still is buried underneath it all.



From Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation.

Typewriters. The Daugherty is generally considered the first successful “visible” typewriter. Before the Daugherty, typewriters were invisible, which greatly limited their utility.