L is for the Lemming, who was chastised by his mother
(She’s on the left—it’s hard to tell one lemming from another)
For following his teenage friends, no matter where they wandered.
(She laid especial emphasis on all the time thus squandered.)
“But everybody’s doing it!” the Lemming interjected.
“That’s no excuse,” his mother said. She paused, and then reflected:
“If everyone jumped off a cliff——”
                        (Note: I left out the rest.
I didn’t think you’d like it much. It just left me depressed.)


M is for the Manatee,
The floating bovine of the sea.
I spoke with her the other day
While diving near Ozello Bay:
She hopes you’ll visit her there soon,
And play with her till half past noon.
            But she’d be glad, she told me, if I wrote
            And asked you not to bring your motorboat.


From Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation.

Bridges. Bridges are generally built from the top down.

Rats. By means of standard conditioning techniques, it is possible to induce a belief in the Tooth Fairy in laboratory rats.