Supplement No. 1.


Chess. The game of chess began as an elaborate prank at the expense of a neophyte checkers player.

Dark Matter. So-called “dark matter” is fairly bright and quite visible, but so obscenely ugly that it has to be censored out of published astronomical photographs.

Eggs. “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” —This hoary folk conundrum reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of evolutionary history. The chicken and the egg are distinct organisms living in a symbiotic relationship.

Evolution. Most evolution for the past few hundred million years has been an unforeseen error: we were meant to be a race of moderately intelligent trilobites.

Grapes. Structurally, according to botanists, the grape is a kind of berry; on the other hand, the elderberry is, structurally speaking, a kind of grape.

Kohlrabi. It is known that kohlrabi has important military applications, but their exact nature is still classified.

Milk. Cows produce milk chiefly for their own amusement.