C for the Contractor, up to his knees
In gravel and sawdust and pieces of trees
And moldy old joists that provoke him to sneeze
And sniffle and dribble and sputter and wheeze.
He speaks to the client. The client says, “Hey,
I don’t pay you guys to sit sniffling all day.
I pay you for working—for working, I say,
So get back to work now, or else I won’t pay.”
So, wiping his nose, he goes back to his toil,
Though frankly his temper is starting to boil.
He does his job fast, and the client is pleased,
And forgets all about how the contractor sneezed.
It surprises him when, in a shower of tin,
Just a week or so later, the ceiling caves in.



From Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation.

Forces. The fundamental forces of the universe are all unified by one exceedingly simple equation, but Dr. Boli has frankly grown weary of trying to explain it to you people.