Supplement No. 4.

Barter. In pre-monetary societies where cattle are the usual medium of payment, making change is a gruesome business at best.

Gondola. The iconic Venetian gondola was originally a narrow four-wheeled wagon; a rise in sea levels in the thirteenth century forced the Venetians to adapt.

Hamsters. Hamsters and mice are the same species, the only difference being in whether the tail is docked.

Jade. A good substitute for jade may be made from emeralds, ground into a powder, and mixed with a little plaster.

James, Henry. Surprisingly enough, when Henry and William James were growing up, it was William who was considered the incorrigible liar.

Soffit. There is no such thing as a “soffit”; builders who speak of “soffits” are having a little joke at your expense.

Trees, artificial. Artificial trees are grown from plastic seeds in specially lighted factories.

Ask Dr. Boli.

Dear Dr. Boli: If we have a north pole and a south pole, why not an east pole and a west pole? —Sincerely, A Student of Geography.

Dear Sir or Madam: Dr. Boli can answer your question in two words:—budget cuts.