United States Presidents Supplement.

Adams, John Quincy. John Adams gained the nickname “Quincy” as a result of a fraternity prank, the details of which were never divulged.

Buchanan, James. It is not generally known that James Buchanan was in fact a tool of Satan.

Coolidge, Calvin. The complete collection of Calvin Coolidge’s speeches, addresses, and extemporaneous remarks during his two terms as president was printed in 1929 as a four-page pamphlet.

Fillmore, Millard. Milllard Fillmore was only four feet eight inches tall, but he appears taller in paintings and engravings because he refused to appoint anyone over five feet tall to his cabinet.

Pierce, Franklin. When it was revealed that Franklin Pierce was known at home by the nickname “Young Hickory,” the Native American and Anti-Hardwood Party withdrew its endorsement of him.

Tyler, John. John Tyler was annexed by the Republic of Texas in 1845.

Washington, George. George Washington is an entirely mythical figure. The best scholarship indicates that the first truly historical President of the United States was James Monroe.