Dear Dr. Boli: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? —Sincerely, The Right Revd. Rowan Williams.

Dear Sir: Science has not yet adequately answered this question, mostly because science has gone about investigating it in entirely the wrong way. Traditionally, theologians have been set to work on this problem; but, in fact, to answer the question adequately, we need a milliner, or someone of a similar profession that requires a similar expertise in the use of pins. There are hundreds if not thousands of kinds, shapes, sizes, and colors of pins, and what we need is someone capable of sorting them out and making an accurate classification of their genera and species. By way of contrast, there are only nine orders of angels; so it would obviously be easier to teach a milliner everything he needs to know about theology than it would be to teach a theologian everything he needs to know about pins. Milliners are not as common as they used to be, but Dr. Boli understands that you are a man of some influence, at least in your limited sphere. You would do a great service to the cause of science if you could find it in your budget to employ a milliner for a few years in working out this problem.