Dr. Boli’s Natural History of the Lettuces and Endives, in English Heroic Verse. The great fault of most works of botany, whether aimed at the scholar, or designed for the consumption of horticulturalists, or merely created for the diversion and education of the amateur gardener, has always been the mundane and prosaic nature of their language. Poets have poured out rivers of ink to celebrate the loves of men and women, which in the end are merely facts of human biology; but on the equally wonderful and no less poetic truths of botany they have been strangely silent. This work, the first in a projected series on common garden greens, consists of twelve books of heroic verse in the best style, suitable for readers of all ages who have wearied of Dryden and Pope and wish to enjoy poetry on a subject of more immediate concern to the average gardener. 8vo, 322 pp.