About Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Operating System.


What distribution is DBCOS based on?

Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Operating System is based on a well-known free distribution of Linux that prefers to remain anonymous.


How much does DBCOS cost?

Dr. Boli charges $949 per workstation installation and $1799 per server.


Are you high?

Dr. Boli may be slightly under the influence of a very good Keemun Three Monkey tea, but he is otherwise quite sober.


Why should I pay that much when other distributions are free?

The primary purpose of the high price is to persuade ignorant executives that DBCOS is a serious and trustworthy operating system.


What kind of support can I expect for all that money?

Here is where DBCOS truly distinguishes itself from the competition. Many Linux distributions come with virtually no support at all, merely sending you to Google to find information when you have a problem. Dr. Boli, on the other hand, prefers to send you to Clusty. [Update: Clusty being extinct, DBCOS no longer advertises this distinction.]


What applications come with DBCOS?

Dr. Boli has provided a full selection of common applications that will satisfy most users, including the Bmail email client, the BOffice office suite, and the Bonqueror browser.


How easy is it to install new applications?

Why would you ever want to do that?


No, seriously, how easy is it to install new applications?

As with all Linux distributions, installing new applications is very easy, as long as you expand the definition of “easy” to include the idea of “hard.”


I’ve heard wireless is a common problem with Linux, and my only Internet access is by wireless. Will DBCOS work with my wireless card?

Oh, of course. Absolutely. Send us an email if it doesn’t.


Why doesn’t DBCOS come on a live CD so I can try it out first?

Because live CDs are for cowards and milquetoasts.