In the recipe for caramel apple sturgeon on page 149, “stir vaingloriously” should read “stir vigorously.” You may wish to mark the correction on that page in order to avoid embarrassment.

In the recipe for boiled water on page 212, the last paragraph was inadvertently omitted. It should read as follows: “Now pour the water into a kettle or pot, place it on the stove, and turn the burner on ‘high,’ leaving the water on the stove until it boils.”

Several readers have written on the subject of the Swedish Pickled Asparagus Tarts on page 283 to remind us that “Sweden” is not a real country. We apologize for the error.

It has been found more helpful to state the quantity of flour on page 320 as “one cup” rather than as “1/1,258 wheelbarrow.”

The caption under figure 1 for celery and onion stew on page 551 misidentifies the onions. The onions are in fact the roundish objects in the picture.

In the recipe for Potemkin salad on page 1,375, substitute Romaine lettuce for radicchio. Further research indicates that there is no such plant as “radicchio.”

The “index” beginning on page 2,591 is actually the index to a book on mechanical improvements to the unicycle, which the author was preparing at the same time as the present work.

In the first erratum above, “caramel apple sturgeon” should read “Nova Scotia herring blintz cake.”