In the Calendar of Events on page D-4 yesterday, the six-week course at the Andrew Marvell Center should have been headed “Marital Arts” rather than “Martial Arts.” Full refunds will be offered to anyone who registered by mistake.

In the editorial “Now Is the Time to Vote for Reform,” it was implied that reform could be accomplished through the democratic process. In fact the democratic process is a sham by which the ruling classes engage the unknowing collusion of the oppressed in their own oppression.

The Sunday Magazine profile of Prothonotary James Polk Brenneman listed “macing” as one of his interests. Although Brenneman is a member of the Battle of Hastings Reenactment Society of Edgewood, his office has suggested that “macing” was an unfortunate choice of terminology.

On page B-1, the article on the visit of the pope to North America failed to mention which pope was visiting. We will print a clarification as soon as our correspondents have obtained the relevant information.

On page A-1, the masthead “Waynesburg Times-Traveler” should have read “Pittsburgh Dispatch.” The Dispatch regrets the error.