YOU MAY NOT have been aware that Dr. Boli’s secretary monitors the search-engine terms that bring visitors to his Celebrated Magazine. [Addendum many years later: This is no longer true. We no longer keep any such statistics.] It is a useful service, for Dr. Boli often uses this information to respond to his readers’ concerns more thoroughly than he could have done without it. The information can also be made into a sort of free-verse poem, composed entirely of terms visitors have entered in their favorite search engines, thus:

get money
what is finally and hornswoggles names
off your head history 2007
20 useful phrases in indonesia
get money
time machine crafts
one dot
get money
define: antimony
boli grave
define: sublime
define: ridiculous
get money
jaguars eating a bird
what is the scientific name of the boli
dark monkeys
get money
young monkeys in a mud hole
look over there
pise con cuidado in english
tell me how i’m doing a fable
get money
when is june tenth celebrated

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