WOMAN SEEKING MAN with own sousaphone for long walks in the moonlight, candlelit dinners for two, romantic evenings by the fireside, and silly chats about nothing at all. Must have own sousaphone. I’m a young professional woman with a promising career, many interests, and an artistic nature. If you’re a man who’s looking for that special someone, why not give me a call? The importance of the sousaphone cannot be overemphasized. Reply No. AW-3298Q.


  1. Melton Červený says:

    Dear AW-3298Q:

    I have often dreamed of meeting a woman whose love of long, moonlit walks and marching band brass instruments matches my own. Is there any chance you can find room in your heart for a lowly heliconist?
    Reply No. OT-22461B.

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