ON THIS DAY in 1975, a group of extraterrestrial lovers of vocal music landed their spacecraft in Rock Creek Park and demanded of a passing jogger, “Take us to your lieder.” Unfortunately, they were misunderstood, and their meeting with President Gerald Ford was awkward in the extreme. The galactic reputation of earth’s music has never recovered from the incident.

From Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation.

Prayer plant. The so-called “prayer plant” (Maranta sp.) is, technically speaking, chanting rather than praying.


  1. Jeff says:


    I may have been that jogger. Under hypnosis, I was able to recall the exact words used by the beings who accosted me. In fact, they were complementing my “leder” pants, but their affected speech (a poor approximation of a southern drawl) confounded them.

  2. Jeff says:

    Oops. I have only one eye, in the middle of my forehead, and I blinked. In reality, the beings wore red plaid, hardly a complementary color scheme.

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