1. J.W.G. Hornsworth IV says:


    Every Walgreens store in Manhattan will deliver this in pallet loads directly to your Wall Street firm.

    J.W.G. Hornsworth IV, Esq.
    Charter Member AAPS
    COO Merrill Lynch
    Asst. Undersecretary to the Executive Asst. Secretary of Treasury, Nominee

  2. DJD says:

    It’d endorsed by the AASP, but I hear through the grapevine that the American Stupid Association of Peoples (ASAP) has serious reservations about the product; apparently studies have suggested that people only feel stupider after using it, but are in fact just as smart as before.

  3. Gaylord G. "Triple G" Grimsworth says:

    Bought and tried. Absolutely worthless. Ehhhh, I have a red pencil box. Now back to my professor desk where I are a philosophear….phfilofoser….ehhh… filosofter….

  4. monkey says:

    I need some of that juice! Do they do international orders I wonder *ponder*

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