Distromachia. An epic poem in twenty-four books, describing in allegorical terms the battle between the various distributions of the Linux operating system. The triumphs, tragedies, humor, and pathos of open-source programming are thrown into sharp relief by casting the story in the Homeric mold. 8vo, 2 vol.

“Demonstrates an almost alarming level of erudition.” Saturday Evening Hacker.

“The want of an English epic poem worthy to stand with Homer and Virgil has long been remarked. With this work, we see at last that the problem was not any lack of native genius in the English language, but merely a question of the proper choice of subject.” Dawes’ Monthly Review of Digests.

“The character of Mentha is especially well drawn.” Dispatch Literary & Real-Estate Supplement.

“Exceeds all similar works in both scope and feeling.” Open-Source Poetry News.