MR. IRVING VANDERBLOCK-WHEEDLE’S verse drama Edna-Lou: A Drama of the Hampton Roads is currently enjoying a very successful run at the Mithraeum in Norfolk. By means of the half-tone facsimile process, these photographs of the performing cast have been transmitted to us for exclusive publication in our Magazine.


EDNA-LOU. But, Father, dear, he is an Anglican.

BANKS. An Anglican! Henceforth I have no daughter!


STEFANO. We stand together on a precipice;
Are we to leap? Are we to fall? What now?
Consider it, beloved: thou and I
Alone among the wolves! Adrift! Unmoor’d!
What can th’uncertain future have in store
For us? This policy addresses that.


STEFANO. But now it is too late; I die, I die.
Farewell to my tormentors; I forgive you;
Forgive you all, though ye deserve it not.
Farewell, sweet Edna-Lou: thee I did love,
And I believe thou lovest me.

EDNA-LOU. But hold!
We have not had our conversation yet
About insurance.

STEFANO. Nay, it is too late.

EDNA-LOU. It never is too late to speak of things
That touch on proper coverage. Hold, I say!


POPE LEO LXIV. I pardon him! Yea, I move heav’n and earth
To pardon him! For this indeed I came
To Newport News.

EDNA-LOU. Ah! God is merciful!


EDNA-LOU. At last we are united! But the past
Casts its long shadow o’er our happiness.
Oh, let us fly from here! Let not the ghosts
Of bygone torments haunt our married life.

STEFANO. How wise thou art, beloved! Wise as fair,
And fair thou art. We’ll move to Chesapeake.