1. Thaddeus "Tippy" Tomko says:

    I once heard polka king Lil Wally sing the vocal refrain to the Death and Transfiguration Polka. And right there in front of everybody, he turned into St. Coleman of Ireland for 10 seconds. Brilliant.

  2. Robert Agamemnon-Fargy says:

    On a recent trip to Glasgow, I heard the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, under the baton of Yan Pascal-Tortelier (who actually doesn’t use a baton, but no matter — you get the point) perform the Ives piece, followed by a seven hour and 40 minute version of Steve Reich’s “Music for 1,118 Musicians.” Although duration-wise the concert was a good value for money, it was a little much.

  3. Tex Lovera says:

    I would pay dearly to attend this program.

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