THIS EDITION OF Jots & Tittles, the parish newsletter of St. Aquila Evangelical Lutheran Church, is sponsored by Irv’s Hardware. Bring your church bulletin for a 5% discount on all hose washers every Sunday.

Pastor’s Message

Dear friends in Christ,

As the spring blossoms everywhere, I am reminded of Christ, who also blossoms everywhere. But not just in the spring! (LOL!) In our Sunday worship, we give thanks for God’s gifts to us throughout the week. But how often during the week do we remember to give thanks for God’s gifts to us on Sunday? I want to thank everyone in the congregation who prayed for my fillings. They feel much better now, and I am very grateful. That’s why the book of Job is in the canon! Pastoral greetings to everyone who remembered to read the passages from Ecclesiastes I mentioned in last week’s Jots & Tittles. Next week we’ll start on Paul’s letters, but I’m giving you all this week off because I know Ecclesiastes was a bit of an ordeal.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Herb.


Member News

Ashley, Britney, Bernadette, and Megan shared third prize in the Synod Essay Contest on “What the Small Catechism Means to Me.” By a very unusual coincidence, they all submitted the same essay! Congratulations, girls!

Mrs. Voperlaunt has lost her favorite left glove, and her hand is getting cold.

Reed Arundo was on KDKA News Friday night! He was the man in the baseball cap who said “I don’t know much about it” on the story about local banks lending to neighborhood businesses. The caption said he was “Rich Rondo,” but we all recognized him!



Evangelism Committee will meet Monday at 7 p.m. Our guest speaker will be expert Lutheran evangelist Roberta Shy, who will present the synod’s new evangelism booklet, “How to Get People to Come to Church Without Actually Asking Them.”

Worship and Music Committee will meet Tuesday at 6:45. We are worried that the number of memorial flower orders has been dwindling. If there are no more deaths in the near future, we may not have enough flowers for church every Sunday. Please bring ideas.