1. Laban Menachem Plotzman says:

    Yes, and don’t forget to vote for me for County Meddler. Plotzman, a man whose name says it all.

  2. Today I voted whimsically and enjoyed it. For example, it is my whimsy that I do not vote for too many judges. Judge not, lest ye be judged is my whimsical voting motto.

  1. Let Only the Stupid and Lazy Vote…

    Frank mentions in passing that rich countries which allow immigrants from poorer countries “falsely believing they’re doing the world a favor”. I’m not sure if that belief really is false. I know plenty of people who went West either temporarily or…

  2. […] the “Party” into Politics, we present (courtesy of the esteemed Dr. Boli) the League of Surrealist Voters; note that while the votes are real, the voters themselves must be […]

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