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THE VENUS FLY-TRAP.—The Venus Fly-Trap is a carnivorous plant that, as its name implies, can fly, soaring through the skies of the Carolinas in search of its prey. It is named for the goddess Venus on account of its excessive vanity, and indeed it will swoop down on small folding mirrors, lipsticks, and such other portable cosmetics as it may easily make off with before their owners are warned of its approach. Little is known of its habits and physiology, mostly on account of its habit of digesting professors of botany who venture too close to its lair. In its rapid movement it is similar to the Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica); the latter, however, as its Latin name implies, is ashamed of itself for undetermined reasons, and uses its capacity to move for the purpose of withdrawing itself from unwelcome attention. In the wild, the Venus Fly-Trap is currently listed as endangered, owing to invasion of its habitat by helicopters and commercial airliners. It is, however, frequently cultivated as a novelty by the adventurous and the ignorant, some of whom have survived to this day, though many are missing one or more limbs. As long as it is fed a steady diet of meter readers and security-system salesmen, the Venus Fly-Trap will grow contentedly in the home for many years.

The Venus Fly-Trap is ruled by Mars, but seldom pays much attention to him.