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Comic strips. Most newspaper comic strips are actually coded instruction manuals for hobby projects. If you carefully follow Gasoline Alley from its inception to the present, you will have a nearly complete 1:42-scale model of the Cutty Sark.

Garson, Greer. The well-known actress Greer Garson always told admirers that she was really a waitress, but was merely supporting herself with acting until the right opportunity came along.

Kant, Immanuel. Before his breakout success with the Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant was best known as the winner of several rural pie-eating contests.

Newspaper, origins of. The first daily newspapers were hand-written by Benedictine monks in the tenth century. In keeping with the regularity of the routine imposed by the Rule of St. Benedict, every issue was identical, except on holidays and when abbots died.

Panassié, Hugh. To win a wager, the famous French jazz critic Hugh Panassié once carried a tune in a bucket along the entire length of the Champs Elysées.

Time. Chronologists were deeply embarrassed by the recent discovery that Coordinated Universal Time is more than three years slow, but it is too late to make a correction now.

Truman, Harry S. Harry Truman’s middle name was Salathiel, but he detested the name and prohibited its use in official documents.


  1. Leaf says:

    In one of the great tragedies of philosophy, Kant never challenged David Hume to a pie-eating contest. Although Kant would have ultimately triumphed, Hume might have given him a run for his money before he gave up and went to the pub to play backgammon.

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