Musical Chairs: Techniques, Strategies, and Variations. Learn from the masters of the game! In this exhaustive work, Dr. Boli explores the history of this popular sport, its lore and traditions, and the state of the sport today. The heart of the work, however, is practical advice compiled from the observations of seasoned players, many of whom have never before told their musical-chairs secrets to the general public. Discover the eight surefire ways to anticipate the end of the music; the four essential psychological weapons that will assure your victory, and the seven notes of the diatonic scale—essential knowledge that will give you an edge over your opponents. Musical Chairs will be an Olympic event in 2012, so the time has never been better for a study of this oft-neglected sport. 8vo, 436 pp.


  1. Eustace C. Dither says:

    Dear Dr. Boli:

    Sir, as an expert on “oft-neglected sports,” I was hoping you could recommend some titles regarding what I have always considered a close cousin to Musical Chairs: Duck-Duck-Goose. My son’s school will be holding tryouts for their team come next fall and I hope to have him thoroughly prepared.

    With many profuse thanks,

    Eustace C. Dither

  2. Con "Lumpy" McVicker says:

    It is important that I get an advanced copy of Musical Chairs: Techniques, Strategies & Variations since my eldest son Hoover unfortunately placed second in recent competition. He was eliminated when the Russian disc jockey played the Polovetzian Dance #3 by Alexander Borodin and unpredictably stopped at the D.S. al Coda of the first movement. If we had the book, he would have surely won first prize which was a free two-week Chairs master class given by Fabrizio Monteverdi-Quinn of Brownsville.

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