A GENTLE READER (possibly a sailor to judge by his choice of terms) who was searching for “useful English phrases” appears to have been angered by the second installment in Dr. Boli’s series of “Useful English Phrases for Visitors from Foreign Lands.” Perhaps he did not find the phrases Dr. Boli suggested applicable to his situation, or perhaps they were phrases he heard every day and thus provided him with no new material. Dr. Boli suspects that his correspondent’s inability to manipulate a shift key may also have contributed to his frustration.

As always, Dr. Boli values every comment from his readers, nor is he so insecure as to accept only those comments that agree with him. In the interest of promoting vigorous debate, Dr. Boli reprints the reader’s comment here, unaltered except for a few regrettably necessary deletions where the correspondent employed the sort of language that Dr. Boli will not permit in a civlized Magazine.

U R A xxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxx. DIE xxxxx DIE. I HATE U. xxxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx. xxxx OFF BACK TO PAKI LAND xxxxxxx. I HOPE U xxxxxxxxxxxxx DIE xxxxx xxxxxxx. xxxxx. xxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxx. xxxxxxx. UR xxxx A xxxx AND I xxxxxx xxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Brian says:

    Well. All I can say to that is XXXXXX XXXXX you and your XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX pasta fork XXXXX XXXXX onomatopoeia, and you can just XXXXX your XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX Gerald Ford’s pants. And furthermore, XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXX penguin XXXXX XXXXXX I love you XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX!!!!

  2. Thomas H. Foolery says:

    I agree. XXXXX this.

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