1. Richland T. "Hands" McVicker, M.D. says:

    Annoyamine is safe for intravenous use. Do not take or administer Annoyamine if there is history of heart disease, atherosclerosis, St. Vitus dance, the rockin’ pneumonia, or the boogy-woogy flu. In some rare cases, Annoyamine can cause welts, hives, blisters, bleeding from the eyes, headache, tinnitus, whooping cough, shingles or the feeling like “ten miles of bad road”. Annoyamine is for adults and children over 18. Do not taunt Annoyamine. Handle Annoyamine with protective gloves. Never look directly at Annoyamine. Do not use if protective metal seal is broken. Once open, use ALL of Annoyamine or dispose of the remainder in the provided lead cannister.

  2. Scuba Joe says:

    Is it cheaper if I buy in bulk?

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