IF YOU CAREFULLY observe one of the Lewis and Clark commemorative nickels when no one else is looking, you may see Thomas Jefferson winking.

For three weeks in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was missing. When he returned, his hair was parted on the opposite side of his head. He gave no explanation for his disappearance, and indeed seemed to be entirely unaware of it. The newspapers refrained from reporting the story for fear of widespread panic.

Mr. Alfred Tubble of Cumberland, Md., does not show up on infrared film.

The thirty-sixth floor of the Koppers Building in Pittsburgh has not been seen for more than fifty years. The maintenance staff has been meaning to check up on it for some time now, but things have been awfully busy lately.

The Washington Monument is measurably taller on Tuesdays.

The National Weather Service confirms that Ms. Vera Spork has had stormy weather since her man and she ain’t together. The cause of this exceedingly localized phenomenon remains a mystery.

Chrysoperia carnea is the only species of lacewing that is able to bilocate.