1. Alphonse says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    As the son of a medical professional, would you be willing to estimate the odds of my success if I attempt this regime with joyous asceticism and a rather lackadaisical self-denial? Would this be considered a calorie-hampered or calorie-fettered diet?

    Thank you,


  2. Bertram C. D'Ornio says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    I am writing to tell you how delighted I was to see your latest advertisement. I am an enthusiastic client of the Continental Ice Cream and Confection Co.’s innovative “Calorie-Restricted Diet” but unfortunately a fortnight ago I became so ravenous that I devoured their manual in an attempt to assuage my hunger pangs. Thanks to your celebrated magazine, however, I now have their address again and can request an additional copy so as to resume my quest. 4% or bust!

    All the best,

    Bertram C. D’Ornio

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