THE STREET ART Collective of Lawrenceville will be painting 45th Street magenta all day tomorrow. Bring a brush and an open mind, and a signed affadavit stating that you are not a law-enforcement officer.

The Stanton Heights Symphony Orchestra will play at Mrs. Beadle’s house tonight at 7 p.m. The program will consist entirely of adagios, as Mrs. Beadle’s neighbors have asked us to keep it down.

Guided tours of the comptroller’s office are offered every afternoon at 2, rain or shine, in the City-County Building. It’s an excellent opportunity for you young people to see math in action!

The Dravosburg Interplanetary Society will be attempting its first manned mission to Mars on Wednesday at 8 p.m. The public is invited, and it will help if you can bring some extra hydrogen.

Nature walks meet every Thursday at 10 in the morning downtown under the Kaufmann’s clock. This week’s subject: Pigeons.

Are you tired of getting out and doing interesting things every single day of your life? The Western Pennsylvania Broadcasters’ League reminds you that you could always sit at home and watch something on TV.

The Allegheny Law & Order Boosters Club will be holding an illegal sit-in in the Oakland offices of Greenpeace. If you believe in law and order, come prepared to go to jail to uphold the laws of your municipality!



  1. Magda Dvrkch says:

    And don’t forget to visit Mrs. Lipchinski’s House of Kielbasa down in Perryopolis during “Fayette Nam is For Families” week ending on the 11th with a Polka Mass featuring Wesele Ludwig and his wife Julka.

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