1. Sean says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    The factory at which I am employed seems to be mired in the culture and work practices of the 1970’s which, as we all know, was a very unproductive time in the Monongahela Valley. How can I get them to revert to the practices of the 1910’s? I believe that this would substantially increase profits and allow us to successfully compete with the Prussians once again.

    Sean MacDurmit
    Jeannette, PA

  2. Jason Gilbert says:

    I know that, sometimes, the most egregious copywriting errors can happen in the headlines since copy editors are often preoccupied with the smaller bits of text. If this “Internet” is part newspater, part magazine, would we not want to advertize “in” it rather than “on” it?

    This in no way diminishes my high esteem for your fine publication.

  3. Jared says:

    With regard to Mr. MacDurmit’s inquiry, reacquiring the mindset and business practices of the last century’s second decade would involve rediscovering the Lost Generation, a notable accomplishment in its own right. Unfortunately, the rediscovery of this generation, however historically significant or indeed however fortunate for those poor lost souls, may come at an inopportune time, flooding the Mon Valley, nay the country proper, with additional would-be laborers, few great innovators among them, in a period of already high unemployment. Could the Monongahela Valley survive this onslaught, and, perhaps more importantly, if we do determine to seek out this Lost Generation and their superior business practices, may we place an advertisement soliciting information regarding their whereabouts in or on this Internet whereof you speak? Mr. Frederick Winslow Taylor is especially sought.

  4. Sean says:

    The internet is merely a passing fad! It will soon go the way of the auto-coach and Nickelodeon. Good, solid newspapers are where the real money is.

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