1. Eustace C. Dither says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess the primary skill taught here is the Punch?

  2. Jared says:

    Au contraire, Jiu Dee emerged as the principal and salutary counter to the punch, and quickly gained favor among those living in close quarters with a veritable Mr. Punch, such that Punch and Jiu Dee shows sprang up across merry England, with spectators gathering to see for themselves which was the more effective means of self defense.

    Tragically, certain persons at Whitehall saw fit, at times, to seek restrictions on such effective means of self-preservation, fearful that they would be of greater use in the perpetration of wanton violence.

    Inevitably, enraged persons descended upon Hyde Park, clamoring for their chance to decry the unregulated state of punch and jiu dee, or to insist upon the fundamental right of all citizens to jiu dee with abandon. Sadly, mayhem ensued, with much punch and some jiu dee, and soon, Parliament closed the Punch show loophole, though partisans of that method established an often wry magazine in defense of their cause. In the ensuing years, Jiu Dee was largely forgotten, and has indeed faded into obscurity, waiting, as it were, for a glorious rebirth in the pages of Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine.

  3. Sean says:

    If we criminalize Jiu Dee, only criminals will practice it.

  4. RepubAnon says:

    Quoth one of the great masters, Kari Grrat: Jiu Dee, Jiu Dee, Jiu Dee!

  5. Robert St.Agamemnon-Fargy says:

    If memory serves, an older, more traditional and longer-titled version of this martial art is known as Pun Chin Jiu Dee. My son Arbuthnot studied it briefly under the Korean Grandmaster Tak Tu Bank in Coraopolis, but we had to stop the lessons after our medical insurance company substantially raised the copay on emergency room visits.

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