COUNTY POLICE HAVE asked us to inform the public that the Great Blando appears to have escaped from Woodville State Hospital, having not been seen there since his foam-bat therapy session late this morning. He is to be regarded as dangerous, and may be armed with a copy of William Allingham’s collected poems. Persons with delicate taste in literature are advised to stay indoors until the situation is brought under control. Anyone having knowledge of the Great Blando’s whereabouts is asked to call Woodville State Hospital immediately, as Mr. Blando is already late for his Rogerian therapy session, leaving Dr. Wolfspitz with absolutely nothing to say.


  1. Greybeard says:

    The Great Blando was last seen aboard a large yellow spacecraft of the Vogon Constructor Fleet that hung in the air exactly the way a brick doesn’t where a reading of Vogon poetry by Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz is scheduled.

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